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Garden design, construction and planting

Who are we?

realizace zahrad 1Who we are isn't as important as what we do, where we go, and what you, as our potential customers, can expect of us. If the question, who we are, is still bugging you, we'll now make it all clear to you. We are exactly what our logo says - Your Dream Garden. And what is your dream garden? Your dream garden is exactly what we offer.

realizace zahrad 2We will create for you a turnkey garden that will meet your highest demands, a garden that will overcome your stereotypes, a garden that will become an integral part of your home, a garden that will make you see the nature through new eyes. Forget the established limits, we make gardens all year round. Here you will find the general trading conditions.

realizace zahrad 3For the most demanding customers, we will make a garden of full-grown trees, one with a history. Like by a swing of a magic wand, we'll create a compact and balanced garden within a few days or weeks. Professionalism, novelty, superior execution and guarantees, that's Marigreen, Ltd. - Your Dream Garden. Stop dreaming!

It's so easy! Just pick up the telephone and speak to us directly or e-mail or fax us. Our personnel will contact you as soon as possible and will arrange with you the first noncommittal consultation right at the site of your future garden. This first meeting is free of charge but is essential for us, as we need to map the terrain and hear your ideas and wishes and, possibly, correct them. Your dream garden will be the chief goal of our common effort. Are you still doubtful? No? Well, let's get down and do some serious work.

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