...let the nature in your home

zimni zahrada 2The advantages of conservatories were re-discovered at the end of the 20th century. It is beyond dispute that they contribute to the quality of living. Thanks to advanced technology of the modern structures, simple assembly and easy maintenance, conservatories are on the increase. Furthermore, technology of glassing has developed and thus heat losses are no more a great problem. For heating, we zimni zahrada 1can use nature-friendly solar energy as an alternative to fossil fuels. The modern conception of conservatory is predominantly to extend our living space and put us closer to the nature. A major advantage is that we can use it all year round. The plants the conservatory is set with have mainly a decorative function, and therefore should be modest as to the care.

zimni zahrada 3We can conceive our future conservatory as one without heating, a shelter where garden plants can be stored during the cold winter season. This type also functions as an energy-saving passage between the house and the outdoors. Those, who seek a new kind of living environment, those, who want to enjoy the feeling of real nature at any time of the year, those will go for a heated lounge-conservatory.

zimni zahrada 4Conservatories of this kind are usually directly (without partition) affixed to one of the frequented rooms in the house. If you opt for this type, don't be overly frugal with the size. Every extra square meter brings more brightness and freshness into your home. But what makes a conservatory look like nature is an ingenious, well-composed interior. Why don't you try a conservatory made in Marigreen? Check out the ideas of our garden designers!

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