Garden and landscape design

navrhy zahrad 1When creating a new home, try to conceive your garden as an inseparable part of it from the very beginning. Don't perceive the garden as something that sidetracks you from your home construction. The garden is and will be a permanent part of your home. Even the most attractive house makes an incomplete home if it lacks a fitting garden.

navrhy zahrad 4Frequently, fresh house owners want to design their own garden just on the basis of personal experience and examples in the neighbourhood. Nevertheless, amateurs are likely to make mistakes, as there are too many circumstances to be considered some of which the creators might not find relevant.

navrhy zahrad 2The garden designers must take into account a whole series of factors. Above all, they must thoroughly study the particular terrain, evaluate the soil composition and the climate, premeditate the link between the house and the garden, and apply the knowledge of the vegetation needs. Ignoring or omitting of any of these conditions may lead to serious mistakes upon the very foundation of the garden, which are later hard to remedy. The invested expenses and labour will not bring the expected effect. Even if the self-made designers are relatively experienced, the results often strongly diverge from their original plan. The know-how is the most important part of garden design. Trust the experts. Have your garden designed in Marigreen.

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