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Garden reconstructions

rekonstrukce zahradEven gardens that have a history need to be revitalized once in a while so they can bring you permanent joy. Gardens that were designed in a particular style but were neglected later must be treated sensitively. Through careful moves, we should try to restore their authentic appearance. Again, you are welcome to ask for our assistance. We offer experience and quality "made in Marigreen".

Setting up grown trees

vysadba vzrostlych drevinFor those of you, who want to overcome the time, there is a possibility of having your garden set up with full-grown trees, a "garden with a history". You needn't wait twenty years to enjoy a cool shade and romantic hideaways under the arch of vegetation. With us, you'll skip the waiting like by a swing of a magic wand.

Garden service

zahradni servisDuring the warranty term, we provide garden service automatically. The service after the warranty expiration is a matter of agreement between the customer and our organization. We offer both one-off actions and regular maintenance visits. The choice is yours. Marigreen will be at your service at any time.

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